Notetaker with a classic interface.

Download release 57 of Elephant:
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Elephant is a notetaker with a classic interface you already know.


  • Keep your notes to yourself. No accounts or clouds. For syncing use Dropbox, Github, rsync, ...
  • Elephant stores notes in plain files and folders. No databases and no migrations. Notes can be plain text, styled rtf, markdown or html (html is read-only).
  • Cross-platform for Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Built for longevity with a classic interface. New versions will never offer weird functionality. Gets better with age.
  • Premium is free, no ads of any kind.
  • No feature bloat or redesigns.
  • No privacy policy weirdness!
  • Open source, GitHub'd.

Elephant is fresh from the oven and some functionality is still missing.
Thanks for your understanding.

Disclaimer: Elephant is a non-commercial, nonprofit project. It is built for the purpose of commentary and criticism against rampant user interface changes in software products.

Elephant is maintained by jusu
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